Monday, March 14, 2011

NL Preview

NL North

Pittsburgh looks like the team to beat once again. The Pirates have taken the best solution to a growing problem, the Farm is almost bone dry. If the injury bug hits, it opens the doors.

Milwaukee looks to vie for the North crown. I don't think they are ready for that however but should finish second.

Cincinnati is poised to make it a race for second place.

Chicago looks to rebuild.

NL East

Philadelphia looks to be the front runner once again.

St. Louis made some moves that should help for the short term but vie for the crown I just don't think so. They will be one tough potato to hash out second place.

New York has a goal to win 70 games this season. Not much of a goal is it?, but it is a start.

Baltimore is asleep at the wheel as usual and a roster that is undermanned. Never fear though, by game time things will be ready.

NL South

Florida looks as solid as ever and should have another crown to crow about. They also won the most first round picks category.

Houston made moves to vie for the crown. I don't see it happening but a strong second place finish is in order.

New Orleans got rid of some of those forlorn contracts from the previous GM. The team is solid enough but will need some voodoo to contend with the other two.

Mexico City is hiding south of the border. Learning the ropes quietly, time for a siesta.

NL West

Salem has a dynasty but for how long?

San Francisco and Los Angeles, I can't choose between them.

Arizona is much better than last years record. They are marshaling forces in the miniors..beware.

So how do I perceive things to end this season?

1. Florida Marlins
2. Salem Super Sequoias
3. Pittsburgh Pirates
4. Philadelphia Phillies
5. Houston Astros
6. Milwaukee Brewers are penciled in lightly as a host of others could end up here.

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