Thursday, April 28, 2011

The AL Foretold

The AL has always given me problems in predicting the outcomes and I am not sure why. Maybe with the DH, the AL prides itself on hitting more than pitching. So without much more fanfare, how did the AL stand out against the predictions so far.

AL North

Seattle Mariners: 20 game lead. That is actually a big surprise in a way but not by much.

Toronto Blue Jays: Might be 20 behind first place but only a couple away from the heavily contested Wild Cards.

Detroit Tigers: This team mystified us when the owner came up missing and that put the team in a bit of a hole. Still in the thick of things however.

Minnesota Twins: I think they mystified everyone including the owner who declared a rebuild is in order.

AL East

If you thought the North was mystifying, just look at the East. I was up in the air before and it has proved that way so far.

Dover Dung Beetles: In first today.

Atlanta Braves: Tied for first tomorrow maybe.

Boston Red Sox and Washington D.C. Senators: Tied for first next week maybe.

AL South

Kansas City Royals: In first place because Bart Ross has single-handedly willed them there again. Huh, he could get on base in Cleveland but really wasn't that great a hitter, what is up with that?

Little Rock Heads: Took the advice well and has put together a good team in Little Rock. Even so, I think they are playing a little over their Heads.

Texas Rangers: Failed in the FA market and decided to retool but still put together somewhat of a winning attitude.

Tampa Bay Rays: Don't ask, Don't tell.

AL West

Anaheim Angels and Helena Hot Pockets: It could be this way til the end of the season.

San Diego Padres: We can't count them out either.

Colorado Rockies: Gopher balls hurt, win or lose but not out of the race.

The only thing I can say right at the moment is .... egads what a mess with maybe two or three teams out of the mix. My predictions other than Seattle may not hold water at all.

AL Surprise: Little Rock Heads, I didn't think they could contend yet.
AL Disappointment: Tampa Bay Rays, got to figure out how to win on the road.
Leading Manager of the Year Candidate: dakar, but only if he gets the team to the WS

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