Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mets Delima

At the beginning of the season I was pondering a move to a different park in New York since it is available. However a couple melodic problems ensue. For one the upcoming season in Shea will be its last, well suppose to be its last. The move into Citi Field is on the horizon. How will the effects of the new stadium change is a guess at the moment. Will it remain pitcher friendly or will it change to a more friendly hitters park. The only thing we do know, it will happen. My actual thoughts from what I have seen is that it won't change dramatically other than the name change. Well, maybe doubles might change to neutral.

I thought about moving to Yankee Stadium and keeping the team as the Mets for the upcoming season. I won my first ever division title in Yankee Stadium so I know what to do there. I pondered it during All-Star break and looked the team over and shook my head. There is no way this team could play there. Besides, the current Yankee Stadium we use will fall by the wayside at the same time also. I expect the new Yankee Stadium to have effects like Minute Maid. Dover might ponder that move. In the end, the Mets will stay put and enjoy their up coming season in another cellar dwelling quest.

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