Sunday, June 3, 2012

Post Season

Time for the Playoffs once again. What some should be looking at right at the moment has to do with the minors. Moving players up is one piece of the puzzle but only one level at this time but should be done before the World Series and when your minor league teams are finished.  The bad part about this is minimum roster requirements must be maintained. Why move players up at this time? Players that are stagnated tend to retire in the off season if they do not get promoted. A player spending two seasons at the same level is a prime candidate for retirement. Also you might want to get rid of some dead wood along the way, like those forever AAA players.  I know I have several at the AAA level that could go but have some sort of sentimental value.

Award Voting! Don't forget to vote, ML only for the newbies and done in the Stats/Awards - Player Awards. Could be a vicious vote in the NL between Ivan the Terrible and Jesus Candelaria for the Cy Young. Does Harry Ramos stand a chance against  Neifi Montanain the AL? Might be the first time I have seen relievers in the top spot in both leagues.

AL MVP looks to be Peralta but Alverez may have a legitimate beef about that.  Those 66 dingers of Joel Mays looks like a winning combo in the NL.

No pitchers in the AL Rookie of the year. At least it i not exactly loaded with 1B/DH types for a change though LF is not far from it. A toss up between Santana and Martinez if you ask me. I gave the nod to Sanatana though for the SB and better fielding percentage. Vladimir Brown should be an easy winner as Saitou just didn't impress me and Rooney's numbers come up just a teensy too short.

Dom Tabaka wins the the Fireman of the Year Award for the second year in a row. He is happy being on a winning team for a change. Moving into fifth place all-time in the Saves department and should move into the fourth slot early next year needing only 5. The question remains: Does he have enough in the tank to pass Vinny Post in two years?

Now the important part of the news, the Playoffs!

The Twins and Heads square off in the AL. The Heads took care of business at home winning 4 or 6 but were swept in Twinkie land beginning their downward spiral.  The Twins made a statement at the end of the season. Some reason I like the Heads 3-2.

The Red Sox will host the Angels in the AL. Kind of funny in a way about the Angels, one of the best fielding teams overall but have one the worst plus/minus ratios in the league. Can they play the Green Monster without tripping over their own two feet or will they hit the ball high enough to win? The Sox get the nod at 3-1 on doubts.

The Mets get the privy to play the Astros. The Mets? The organization hasn't even been in the playoffs since season 1. The Mets only beat  Houston three times in regular season but played them tough. Don't look for any miracles here, Astros 3-1.

Cubs vs Pirates in the ongoing smash mouth game. Well the Pirates handed the Cubs three of the seasons worst defeats last time they met a couple weeks ago. Then again the Pirates looked worn out to finish the season. The Pirates have a history of winning so the get the nod 3-2.

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