Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's The Stretch Run

Yup, it has come down to the last 20 games. Is there any races left? Who has the best shot? So much to ponder.


The Blue Jays have the North  pretty much locked in with an 11 game lead.

The East is a lot closer with the Red Sox only up by 7 over the O Birds. They play each other the last three games of the season but I don't see the O's gaining ground here.

The South hasn't changed much with the Rays up by 7 games. Don't expect this to change either as the Rangers will have to settle for a Wild Card.

The West is all but wrapped up in a bow for the Sky Sox.

The Rangers only need to win 8 games to get a locked Wild Card spot but times have been tough lately.

The Heads need to hold off the O's (especially the O's), Royals and A's for the final spot, that may be easier said than done.


The Cubs are still holding off the Pirates in a nip and tuck battle in the North. The big series between the two is coming to a stadium near you real soon. The Reds have suddenly folded.

The East was decided long ago by the Braves and probably the No 1. seed.

The Florida owns the South once again.

The West sees Salem up by 9, this could be a sign of the times as they aren't going to win 100 games for the first time in 6 years. No melodrama from the Giants either as their schedule is too tough to make up that many.

Unless the Pirates suddenly do a disappearing act they have a Wild Card slot.

The final spot has suddenly become rather cloudy with the chance of carnitas. The Giants and Diablos are tied and only four games behind them are the D'Backs, Mets and Reds.

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