Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Sheldon Effect

AL North

The Blue Jays and their comfy lead has diminished greatly but with just 10 to go, 6 games is gonna be hard to make up by the Twinkies. Could we have some season ending drama here?

AL East

The Red Sox have staved off the the O's, a Sox win or an O's loss seals the deal.

AL South

The Rays find themselves a win away thanks to the Rangers sudden fall.

AL West

The Sky Sox have wrapped things up but need a few wins to get a bye.

AL Wild Card

The Rangers ar a couple wins away from securing a spot.
The Heads need a few wins to hold off the O's who are four behind.

NL North

The Cubs look secure with a seven game lead but the schedule doesn't favor them.The Pirates have a shot but it is slim.

NL East

The Braves have sailed along and probably have the number 1 seed wrapped up.

NL South

The Marlins rule once again but a big series with the Cubs is at hand. Hmm... a bye is at stake.

NL West

Salem has their spot but no bye for them this time around.

NL Wild Card

The Pirates have a spot with a win, nothing stopping that.
The Diablos on the other hand have to win, their schedule says they should. Will they? They have to stay ahead of the Reds, Mets and Giants. The Reds have a tough schedule left. The Mets and Giants have about the kind of schedule as the Diablos so it will be hard to make up any ground.

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