Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Season 24 International Update

 Davey Beltran has made a small fortune in Montreal where the Expos paid $20.3M for his services. 3B might be a little overwhelming for him to play expertly his hitting should make up for that lack.

Grade: A-

Ramiro Carrasco joined Kansas City for a Royal sum of $19.7M. SS doesn't look remotely possible in my book, but 3B is likely the place he will end up. Hitting is of high quality but then there is the problem of durability. The DL already?

Grade: B+

Quilvio Gabriel was signed by the Houston Astros for $15.1 M. Listed as a SS, but I really have my doubts on that one. 3B seems more likely with maybe some filler at 2B and OF. Has the power to make it in the majors but overall hitting could be shakey.

Grade: B +

Geronimo Cayones signed by the Cincinnati Reds for $14.4M. Could possibly be a little weak in the range department to be great defensively at 2B. But then again too strong or weak to play elsewhere. Swing isn't powerful and may lack consistency.

Grade: B

 Akinori Nakamura was signed by the Boston Red Sox for $14M. Doesn't look all that accomplished in RF but does have a good arm for the position. Strong power hitting should meld nicely in Boston.

Grade: A

Souta Song was signed by the Montreal Expos for $12.6M. Listed as a 2B but not real sure about that and could wind up in RF. Hitting with good power and relatively consistent and could find his way to the majors rather quickly.

Grade: B+

Alex Ferrer made off with $8.5M from the Phillies.  Philadelphia seems to embrace the youngster, though not likely to be a superstar, does have very good potential. Decent quality 2B with an OBP hitting style.

Grade: B-

The Good Buy Department

Junichi Kyung made his way to Louisville for the sum of $4.3M. The Colonels are happy to have a quality front line catcher in development. Hitting department is not all that bad either.

Grade: B

Vin Durazo found what may be an unwelcomed home in the end with Oakland. The A's paid $4M for a DH and a good one in the hitting department. His durability might be called into question however.

Grade: B-

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