Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Race Is On!

It is getting late in the season, thirty four to go to be exact. That must mean their should be some nail biting races going on.

NL North - Cubs and Pirates are fighting it out again and both should be playoff bound. The Reds have fallen off the pace but can't count them out.

NL East - After the early season trades, the Braves are hard to contend with and have salted away their claim.

NL South - Florida has things well in hand.

NL West - Salem looks to cruise in.

Basically the race is for a wild card slot. With either the Cubs or Pirates probably claiming the first who will claim the second prize? Currently, the Giants, Reds and Diablos are in position for the Cracker Jacks and it is real tight.

AL North - This looks like a surprise to me with the Blue Jays firmly out in front.

AL East - The Red Sox look to capture another crown but the Orioles are hanging tough.

Al South - The Rays are in front but the Rangers are holding their hip pockets.

AL West- The Sky Sox are up again.

Things are little tighter in the AL but the real race like the NL is for the Cracker Jacks spot. With the fight in the South, one or the other will claim wild card slot one.  The Heads, Orioles, A's and Royals all have a viable shot.

Okay, so the Mets got traded out of a spot but that isn't true either. The Mets are one of the best in defense and only 4 minus plays, three by the same pitcher the other was actually my fault. The pitching is admirable with a 3.98 ERA. The hitting isn't exactly lighting things up at .250, the lowest point all season btw. But with those numbers we should be at least 8 games above .500, not below. The biggest thing I have noticed is the 12-21 record in 1-run games and the 34-58 in save opportunities. Can't win with those numbers for sure. Other than that the NL is living up to the predictions.

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