Friday, December 28, 2012

Crying In My Beer

Here I am sitting at the local Pub drowning my sorrows at the up coming season. It could be a very woeful season as the off-season wasn't all that kind to the Mets. It was already going to be bad with our needs in the pitching realm worsening by the day. Topping off and compounding the situation was Dom Tabaka opting out of his contract. This one mystifies me as he is only asking for another season for $6M which we would have gladly given an extension for that amount. What can you say about the overall best consistent closer the last 5 seasons other than good luck.

At least coaching isn't all that much a problem this season. The Bench Coach will probably be the weakest link in the end but then again I don't consider them much of a concern to begin with.  I was expecting the Hitting Coach wanting to fly the roost, but no, he is gladly returning. The biggest question in the coaching realm is whether to promote a coach that I don't consider worthy of the organization. Guess it isn't much an embellishment.

I have decided about who is on the trade block and who is going to be catching for us this season. So with that decided, the only thing needed to make this work is a closer which wasn't on the calendar.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year everyone!

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