Monday, December 3, 2012

Post Season Awards and One View

Okay, it is time to vote for the best players in a couple categories. So here is one persons view on how they voted and why.


Arthur Donatello - Why? More like why  not! Which is better, a gold glove offensive powerhouse CF or a run of the mill power 1B?

Barry Cook  - I struggled with this for a long while before choosing. It was a toss up with him and Suzuki. I liked Cook's overall offensive numbers better even though he plays a lousy 1B.

Cy Young

Mark James -  I normally won't vote for a closer or reliever unless he is named Ivan with 30+ wins or has a perfect save record. A tough choice with Adcock but it was the total innings that won me over.

Victor Morlan  or Alex Matos - Can I vote for both? It was a tough choice, Matos actually has better numbers across the board but is at home in a pitchers stadium. Morlan has a powerhouse behind him but in a hitters park. At 37 I chose Matos!

Rookie of the Year

Jack Root - I really wasn't enthused with the rest of the field that much.

Calvin Jung - Played a good 2B, well Chatwood played a great CF. I also liked those 26 SBs. My Bobby Forbes had a better season in my books than Jay Bravo and he isn't even listed.

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