Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Final Four?

We are down to the final four games, what is there left to play for?


#1 seed is still a bit up in the air a bit. Cubs are up by 2 games for this prestigious spot with the Braves still sniffing around. The Cubs have been playing bombastic with the Brewers then must face the Reds for the finale.

The Braves in the meantime have been enjoying some chicken in Louisville instead of taking care of business. Their finale is with the Mets.

Here's the scoop troops, the Braves only need to tie the Cubs to take the #1 seed due to tie-breakers. The Head to Head was tied at 5-5 but the Braves own the division series in which the Cubs can't catch.

Florida is locked for the #3 seed.

Arizona is locked into the #4 seed finally.

The #5 seed is still a bit sketchy. The Pirates and Reds are playing each other at the moment in their final meeting. A win by the Pirates will lock up the seed. The catch is how problematic the loss of "Franco the Ivan Impersonator" is. The Pirates then travel to Milwaukee and might actually have to win a game.

The #6 seed is somewhat foggy yet. A Reds loss at Pittsburgh and a Mets win in Philly would institute a tie for this seed. Rougher yet, it would mean that both would have a three game series left with the top two seeds, away. Mets must have better record than the Reds to take the seed.

Unlikely scenario, Reds, Mets and Pirates end up tied. Odd man out would be the Pirates.


Boston has captured the #1 seed again

Seattle has captured the #2 seed.

The #3 seed is still a little shady as the Rangers and Rays are still competing for the South crown. A Rangers win should seal the deal. A tie between the two would take it all the way to the third tie-breaker. The best part is both are in regardless. Being real it belongs to Texas.

The #4 seed can be captured by the Blue Jays with a win in any of their remaining games. The Tigers only hope is to win out and the Blue Jays collapse.

The #5 seed belongs to Colorado Springs with a win or Tampa Bay loss.

The #6 seed belongs to the Rangers - Rays loser.  Being real it belongs to Tampa Bay.

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