Saturday, December 29, 2012

Take a Guess

I thought it might be fun to take a real life Hall of Fame player and put his abilities into a fantasy card. So would this player make the grade here? Can you guess who it might be? Many of you probably seen him play. I did have a little problem with the splits.

Range: 90
Glove 90
Arm: 88
Accuracy: 88

Durability: 85
Health: 85
Speed: 75
Patience: 80
Temper: 40
Makeup: 90

Contact: 85
Power: 5
Left Split: 50
Right Split: 50
Eye: 85
Base Running: 85
Bunting: 50
Push/Pull: 50

No one wants to guess? Well, maybe to hard at this point. Hmm, it is hard to give clues because some of the major accomplishments would give it away too easily. A 15 time All-Star might help some. Was drafted the first time by the Tigs in the 7th round but couldn't reach a deal, the second time by the Padres in the 4th.  Had the worst qualified batting average in the league his second pro year. Was traded for "Jumpsteady". Did that help?

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