Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wow or is settling down time

Now that we are thirty some games into the season, things will start to settle a bit.  So how are my preseason predictions holding up?

NL North

Reds are in first with the Cubbies tagging along. No mystery so far.

NL East

Phillies are in first but the rat pack is hard on their heels yet.

NL South

This was a jumbled affair to start with. Mexico City is out to a big lead off the bat, will it hold is the question?

NL West

I piccked the Giants in a tug of war. Lo and behold, they are in first. It is early yet and the Padres and D'Backs aren't fading away into the sunset yet. It that earthquake tremors I hear?

AL North

The Expos put on a show early but seem to have lost the patronage. Or is that simply patron speaking?The Twinkies and Jays think they have a chance. This could get wild.

AL East

The big O's are good, just ask Sasha. We have seen this medley before however, Dover hanging close and Boston just milling around.

AL South

I thought the Birds were going to fly away. Cold weather and reality must have set in. KC finally got their heads out and finally playing ball. Speaking of the Heads.....KC better lookout.

AL West

This has surprise or divine intervention taking place I am not sure. The Shy Sox a distant second already? The A's look out of the picture? Okay, who cut the cheese?

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