Tuesday, January 21, 2014

International Signings at a Glance

International signings has been excitingly and robustly nonexistent. So I have brought you commercial commentary instead.

Hey, the Joe Boxer Christmas ad was funny as shit. I wonder if the censure was using her rabbit during the analysis.

The Pepsi first half time commercial is a stroke of genius, one of the best I have seen in a while.

The Pizza Hut ad saying they ONCE delivered to the white house, I think ad agency should be fired for that one. Tells me their pizza sucks or.....

The Geico commercial with the auctioneer at the grocery store checkout gets its point across somewhat, but a very very very bad analogy to me. The woman walking away without the groceries got the better deal when you think about it and the other guy isn't all that thrilled either. 

I love life insurance overall! They use your money for free  to make money for themselves hoping you don't die. They say it is for peace of mind so you don't have to worry about the burden your loved ones will face. Your f'in dead, what do you care they can lead a happy rich life without you at your benefit. I can see it to a point when people are young. When you get older and really don't need to give money to greedy people, they say you need more, I don't get it. Better option, put the money in the bank and don't touch it.

Oh well on with the meager report.

Tomas Beltre: Got $3.8M. I am still split about his potential. I bid on him early but didn't go above his initial demands, it was the durability factor mainly. He has the possibility to be in the majors in my books though. Good buy?, will have to wait and see.

Kenji Dong: Got $3.2M, maybe by default. Over rated if you ask me. I wonder if LA just wanted a big dick on the roster.

The big question of the day: Is Kenzi  a better piece of ass than Bo?


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