Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Fracus Is About to Begin

NL North

I originally liked the Cubs but I am not so sure, Big John is going to solidify the lead off spot for a while.. The Reds are just as good in my opinion, overall they look better, will it turn out that way. The Pirates are no hand me downs but just don't have the tickets in the pitching department.The Brewer look to keep rebuilding the right way maybe.

NL East

I look for the Phillies to rule the roost, it is rumored the ball girls are going with the red goth look. We won't count the Braves or Marlins out of the fray either, the two look pretty even in my books. It is going to be tough call with these three. The Mets are  has beens and heading toward rebuild mode.

NL South

This is a humpty bunch. All four has the capacity to win 90 games again. That will leave at least one crying in their beer and maybe more.The Astros look the best on paper but that doesn't mean much,

NL West

This division looked like mediocrity all season long last year. Though some were actually better on paper than their records indicated. The key is pitching or the lack there of. With that being said, the D'backs look the best but never get a break. The Padres and Dodgers are solid and could shake things up. Though overall the Giants look the best on paper. 

1. Phillies
2. Reds
3. Astros
4. Giants
5. Cubs
6. Cards

AL North

Expos Expos Expos! need I say more? Well, the Tigers, Twins and Jays might disagree. The Tigers could be a very close second with the Twins in tow. Just something about the Jays are off.

AL East

No Red Sox in the playoffs last year, when did that happen last? 15 straight seasons, is it time to relax and rebuild some. It doesn't look like it to me. I still like the Birds with the Sox a close second once again. The Beetles aren't pushovers either. The Senators have a solid front but the  back end isn't what it should be.

AL South

Who said the Red Birds could win the division? Only them I think. Okay, lets put this in perspective. The Royals are the best on paper, to me, by at least 10 games. That tells me I am missing a key ingredient somewhere. Lets factor in the Heads, egads! I see a three team race, surprise. Texas is solid but don't compare.

AL West

The Angels are still a team to reckon with but they are aging somewhat. The A's are solid and may have the better pitching staff.  The Sox are on the iffy side to me. The Vancouver bunch are itchy but that pitching staff bothers me.,

1. Royals
2. Expos
3. O's
4. A's
5. Angels
6. Red Birds

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