Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The First Ten Games

We are 10 games into the season already. Seems like yesterday when I was hiring coaches. Could the Mets have have one of those surprising seasons? We split with the Phils, not surprising though the losses were odd, two 3-0 shutouts. Strange things do happen in the old ball park, I wonder why the new stadium isn't online yet?

Uh oh, there is a break in the action here, I think the data bits got frozen in transmission.  It is so cold here, the cat frosted over looking out the window. Here is one for ya, I went and got a glass of OJ, the carton had a warning label: SHAKE WELL, is that an exercise warning? I gave that task to the wife for obvious reasons, just love to see her tits jiggle and bounce, that will wake most anyone up. Still, suppose to be no pulp and fresh squeezed, the OJ not her tits. Okay, so her tits got a fresh squeeze also. Um, back to the OJ after another paws, the cat not the pussy, so what if I took care of that also, does the water in the juice separate or something? The sun came out, must have been enough to warm the data bits up.

The Mets shut down the Braves in a three game set. WoW! Off to face the Padres, That whacky team in robes, I think they are into S&M by the way, I warned my team to watch those rope belts of theirs. I should have kept my mouth shut I think. The team was more worried about that than playing ball, dropping two games by 1-run. The Marlins are in town after a day off, needed one after that long trip to where it was warm and overly dry. It was so dry, we had to take a dip in the ocean for a shower. Nothing like beach bikini bingo in January. At least we get to do some ice fishing.

The Mets are in first place. Not for long, we are next to horrible. Shit, clouds and my bits are frozen again. A nap after my morning exercise helped my well being. Maybe I should be like Bruce and cuddle up with a bottle of rum. It is too soon to tell about the rest of the teams but look about as expected so far.

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