Thursday, May 1, 2014


You know, I think the Sterling case is interesting. What he did was wrong and the action justified so don't get me wrong. I am not that up to date with the bylaws of the NBA as a whole, matter of fact I don't even like basketball. I know they want him to sell the team but it is apparent they can't force him it seems. Which leads me to believe he could actually cause a huge revenge factor if desired to prove a point, several ways matter of fact. All of which the NBA would win in court probably and bankrupt him in the end possibly but by the time it was settled they could be without the team making the win a moot point. I could even see a scenario where all the existing players are sold and replaced by street ball players for cheap, interesting laugh. Some of them could be better than some play with big salaries now by the way. So anybody have some insight?

On to our league woes and other news around our world. 

I don't think the Dodgers are a bad team and not out of it. The Mets I can't figure out. They split with the Cubs In Chicago pounding out two wins and letting them escape in the other two. Mexico City squeaked by in three loses. The two wins in LA were not pretty and the loss horrible.  Fielding should be better than the stats indicate in my mind. Pitching isn't exactly great but not horrible either. Hitting, well, it just isn't there in the top of the lineup but is smoking at the bottom. I trade for Terry Constanza and acts like the best player on the team along with his plate mate that hasn't hit a home run even. The bench sits around jerking off for the ball girls amusement. 

Then there is the Brew Ha Ha's, maybe they should remove the hookers from the locker room.  Oh wait, they can't, they wouldn't have a team. Dilo is scratching his balls anyway, oh crabs again? Your guess is actually as good as mine. The only other thing I find surprising at the moment is the AL West but I think it will normalize.

Yup, time to assess the first Internationals that hit the scene money wise.

Edinson Cora signed the first big deal at $10M with Oakland. He is a solid lefty starter and probably why he went rather cheap. I don't think he will be superstar but the ML is in his future. My feeling is he might have been overrated but priced right.

Victor Astacio was snagged by Boston for $13.5M. My scouts indicate he may never attain SS potential, 3B is likely or maybe even a strong arm 2B. Has power at the plate but has problems putting the bat on the key pitches. His durability is very lackluster to boot. My feeling he was overpriced by three to five million maybe if my scouts are right.

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