Friday, May 9, 2014

News Time

Rodrigo Diaz made headlines with his $17.5M signing with Pittsburgh. I found the buy interesting. Could he be the next Ivan the Terrible? There are possibilities but depends on development which looks good at this point.

Speaking of Ivan, it appears the Boston scandal might have started with Ivan. The now nicknamed pussy ball has hit some new highs. Ivan was getting high on the mound from sniffing and we thought it was a new form of the spitter. It was carried over into the AL with none other than Black Bart. We still don't know how it helped him hit so well, studies are still underway to the delight of a few ball girls.

A look at the standings at this time shows what was expected for the most part. The surprise is the Braves in the NL East who declared themselves rebuilding at the beginning of the season. The Giants building a commanding lead in the west as well. The sudden destruction of the Dodgers made every ones head shake in confusion. The AL is a little different, Montreal is stroking themselves as the competition dwindles. The Dung Beetles are poking their heads up out of a pile of donkey shyt. The Canadians at five hundred has the West shaking in their cleats.

News just for Knuck maybe, he might get a kick out of this thought. It was primary day not long ago, who really cares actually unless something was there to annoy people. The one that annoys me the most is schools and their want for more and more money and they just keep asking and asking until people give in. Most generally threatening and lying to get their way anymore.  Have they figured out what lies in wait for them? I have, basically out of existence to an extent, privatized. A trillion dollar a day fortitude done away with. Most people don't see it coming either, kids don't need to leave the house to attend school anymore. Hmmm, food for thought as I think that initiative has been underway and hidden for quite a few years now. Colleges have figured it out.

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