Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mets and the Draft

So the Mets needed pitching in the worst way. With the sixth pick I was hoping for a decent starter. I didn't have much to go on either, worthy of the sixth pick. Watten went with the second pick, that left Iwazaki and Blank left on the board. Somewhere along the line I didn't pay attention or messed up the ranking and chose wrong. Well, that is what my ML scouts and team doctor say anyway, I was hoodwinked by the future heath rating. I should have went with option two,  Davy Hausmann, may not be great behind plate but looked like he could handle a bat. My ML scouts says he is much better than predicted behind the plate. Well, shyt!!!! Fire those fucking scouts and find someone who knows talent. The only talent they can find is the bimbo bitches they sleep with, oh wait, egads! Have you seen some of them?  At least the rest of my top picks look decent enough, some might have a future even.

Pittsburgh struck hard at rebuilding snagging Harry Rincon off the market for $13M. We will need to flip a coin if he will be real successful as he may need a good offense to go with him. Must be why a somewhat talented starter went on the cheap side.

Does Dakar know something we don't? Signing Neftali Perez for $3.1M seems a bit much for a possible AA pitcher, well maybe AAA if he is lucky. Maybe my scouts have had too many Coronas or is it the Calgon funding they keep requesting. What is a Calgon anyway?

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