Sunday, September 2, 2012

End O Season Stuff

One of the things I was watching was Pascual Solano and his bid for his 600th save but alas he never got the chance in the last three games. With his ratings slipping, a long term contract is probably out of the question but at least 1 more year is not out of the question.

Zeus Singleton is only 7 saves away from surpassing the great Vinny Post at 523 and should happen early next season also.

Dom Tabaka had another somewhat great season logging in another 40+ save season also, his fourth in a row. Zooming past Mitchell Ray for fourth all time on the saves list. Only needs 33 more to pass Vinny Post also.

The Mets had the best defense in the NL with 71 total errors, 95 plus plays and only 5 minus plays. Odd to only have one player win a Gold Glove however. Marc Redman won it for his play in RF. Funny part is that the Fielding Coach says he should play elsewhere. Okay, so he doesn't have the arm, but he is too weak in other areas to actually play another position well except COF. He could actually play an ugly 2B on some teams.

Speaking of the Mets, wonder why they aren't in the playoffs? Leaving the team unattended twice for a week or so at a time doesn't help. Losing Cesar Perez at the start of the season was the beginning, having no one in the minors ready to take his place was another. Yeah, not having the time to make a trade didn't help and when I did, it was already too late. They did have a great season after the All-Star break when I got things fixed, just too little too late. Looking over the team stats though, only two things stand out. 19-24 in 1-run games, not all that bad you say, but was really, really ugly at one point. 47-71 in the Save department was a crushing blow.

For the NL MVP, not sure what the system is looking at. Yeah, Emilio Pichardo does have some good numbers. Barry Cook's numbers are much better in my books and gets my vote.  I would vote for Vladimir Bennett before Pichardo.

For the AL MVP,  I like Juan Redondo, Raymond Bar, or Del Alvarez over Marte and Hill. Me thinks I am voting for Redondo for his HR totals, average and OPS.

For the NL Cy Young, Ivan the Terrible had another great season but my vote goes to  Jacob Nixon because his overall numbers are much better.

For the AL Cy Young, George Atkins or Mike Hunt? Ooooh, a toughie! Think I will wait for the chat board to light up on this one.

NL ROY,  Tom Anderson is my choice, wonder why he wasn't in the CY list?

AL ROY, Harry Callaspo is my choice. I like his speed and OBP.

Now for the picks.

Sky Sox in a nail biting 5 games over the Heads?

Texas walking over Toronto in 3 games?
Chicago in a 4 game massacre over the Diablos?
Salem squeaks by the Pirates in 4?

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