Sunday, September 23, 2012

Name Dropping in FA

Here it is, the season 25 best of the best Free Agent report. The FA market this year is the worst I have ever seen.

C - Sammy Hitchcock: Has a big price tag, I am sure someone will pay and maybe even a war over him.  Why not, good hitter, can play every game and has quality PC.  Less than so-so defensively and just a tad bit of a DL risk.

1B - Bert Strong: Yes, the 1B cadre is not very strong at all this season. many of them will be begging for a job flipping burgers before All-Star break.

2B - Alex Reddick: He wants the most in the list and actually plays a very good 2B. He is young, an everyday player, has speed and hits adequately.  A long contract would be preferable to most owners in this case. Will there be a bidding war? Kind of doubtful if you ask me.

3B - Adrian Eischen: Leads a list of a very uninteresting candidates. Been with several team in his career so far and jut hasn't stuck with any of them. Listed as a 3B but rarely plays the position with just cause. Hasn't really showed much at the plate either.

SS - Kirk Donnels: Playing quality SS is a bit of a stretch. Has power and ability that just hasn't shown itself so far in his career. Durability is another debilitating factor also.

LF - David Aramboles: Heads another unimpressive list. Can play the position and demonstrates good plate ethics though not in the power department. Relatively young but comes with a health risk.

CF - Santos Mairena: Heads a list of mostly inept CF's. 13 minus plays last year but on the bright side, there was only 5 errors. Hitting is inconsistent but has some speed.

RF - Stephen Melville: Heads the list here with the monetary value, but I am leaning toward the second guy on the list. Hitting isn't great and couldn't keep a job at the ML level.

Starting Pitcher - Ismael Azocar: Yes he heads the less than stellar cast. 36 years old and losing it but still is a Type A and wants a 2 year contract to boot. If you ask me, he ain't worth it.

Middle Relief - Damion Kaline: Wants a lot of money and worth it if you ask me. Should go for a bit more than he is asking.

Setups - Mark Carew: Look long and hard as it isn't the greatest batch in this range at all but quite a few in the adequate range but seem to want more money than they are worth. At 38 still has another year left at least, but wants a lot of cash and a Type A , give me a break.

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