Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Free Agent News

The Free Agent market wasn't exactly filled with stars this season but there was some interesting deals made. Albeit slow, there is another cycle to go.

First the Type A's:

Texas abruptly agreed to terms with Damion Kaline with a 4 year deal worth $6.5M per. Signed quickly for some reason when his demands were met.

Dover signed Cookie Eyre to a 3 year deal worth $6.3M per. Took the money and moved quickly to his new home. Not sure if this is a good fit for him or Dover.

Seattle stepped up to the plate offering Kirk Donnels a 3 year deal at 7.1M per. The question now is will he play 2B, 3B or CF?

Dover struck again signing another pitcher in Edwin Webster to an odd wealthy 3 year deal of $30.5M total. To me this is a better fit.

Tampa Bay structured a strange deal with Ismael Azocar. A three year deal totaling $19.9M, hopefully that last year has an option.

Of course the big news was the signing of the best FA on the market in Sammy Hitchcock. Salem couldn't structure a deal before the FA deadline and Sammy gave them the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Salute but after Salem threw Fort Knox and a lifetime membership at the Chicken Ranch at him, he just couldn't refuse.

The Type B's:

Pedro DeSoto signed a 1 year deal with the Rangers for $5.5M.  Looks like a good deal if he stays healthy.

Barney Byrne signed a 2 year deal with Cardinals for $5M per. Like Pedro, could be risky business.

The Cardinals signed Osvaldo James to a 1 year deal for $5.2M. Hmmm, maybe reversing the length of the two contrats would have been a better idea.

Doug Malloy made his way to Arizona with a 2 year deal worth $4.2M per. Not real sure he is a good fit myself.

The Pirates took their chances with Vicente Estrada signing him to a 3 year deal at $5.2M per. Very risky if one should ask.

Ernest Diggins signed a 2 year deal with St Louis for $4.4M per. Think this is a good fit.

Bip Cosby signed a 2 year deal with Toronto for $5,6M per. It isn't Boston but he can play 2B well.

Toronto also signed David Aramboles to a 4 year deal at 5.3M per. They did add power to the lineup.

Felipe Montero signed one of those strange 4 year deals with the Brewers. Where will he fit in?

Brandon Walton signed aq 3 year deal with the Colonels. Think he will fit nicely.

Domingo Franco signed a 2 year deal with the Cubs for $3.3M per. He kept it off the Green Monster, can he keep it out of the ivy?

The Cards once again hit the market with the signing of Doug Rath to a 2 year deal worth $3.8M per. Looks like a good signing.

Others of Note:

Alex Reddick signed a 4 year deal with the Giants for $6.2M per. Giants may kick themselves later for not making it 5.

Santo Martin was worried about finding a job, but the Tigers decided to step up and resign him to a 4 year deal. Cheap but still a bit iffy unless the last year is an option.

 Edgardo Mateo signed a 4 year deal for $5.4M per that moved him to Arizona. Hopefully he can keep the ball in the park in the desert.

Mariano Pimentel signed a 2 year deal with the Mets at $2.2M per. An upgrade at the catcher position after they let Rob Webster run off to Detroit.

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