Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Best Coach Postulate

So who has the best coach at each position at the ML level? Actually a lot goes into this theorem so it might be a little disconcerting to some of you as to my answer. A little give and take is normally the theme like most like a real high attribute in the primary attribute and the best that can be found in the rest. What I am looking at is the best across the board of course the primary attribute has a lot of pull. The bad part about this is that you can't blog their link, so you will need to call the coach report to understand. Yeah, this could change a bit because there are still a cycle or so to go in hiring.

Hitting: Pete Wallace is in Detroit and Donovan McKinley is in Dover with the highest hitting attributes. Wallace is actually better of the two but Elroy Schultz of Colorado Springs actually gets the nod from me. Why? Intrinsic value. Although his primary attribute is 11 points lower than the others at this time, (he gets better by leaps and bounds even with his age every year), his secondary values is overall much better. His ability in Glove, Base IQ, Patience, Discipline and Loyalty make him the ideal candidate.

Pitching:  Jake Mabry in San Francisco is my choice even though I would like to see his hitting ability closer to 10. 

BullPen:  Pablo Chantres in New York, hey, I get to toot my own horn for a change. He is maybe a little better than my Pitching Coach even, the give and take make it a close call. 

Bench: Fred Ruebel in Atlanta and Delino Padilla in Boston get my vote as both are rather well rounded across the board. I am not really fond of this coach as according to the instructions they have very limited use, I just wonder if that is true.  I wonder if we have a player card and wonder what it looks like?  Food for thought.

Fielding: Marty Harding in Louisville gets the nod for his hitting knowledge. 

First Base: Darrell Hawkins in Montreal gets this one hands down and maybe way over the top. I have looked over my teams stats over the last 5 years and I am not real sure having a coach with a high Baserunnung IQ is all that important as long as it is near 50 at 1B. If you are not a running team why be concerned all that much.

Third Base: Melky Rosario in Texas was my choice. This was the toughest because no one really had an easy relay across the board. Had to pay special attention to Strategy, Hitting, Patience and Discipline here.

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