Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rule V Draft

The Rule V Draft is here and it looked at first like there was some players that should have been protected that wasn't. My scouting isn't the greatest and I do have to look at everything a bit close. So lets take a look at what my scouts think and what I think.

Ryan Nicholson, P: Upon first look I thought, "How could this kid be here!". It took me a while to conclude that it would be a very bad investment. He has the tools to be a top end starter and could possibly be developed at the ML level. When I looked at the DL history a totally different picture emerged, four years, 3 DL stints. No wonder he wasn't protected, though the losing team had vast availability to do so.

Elston Morris, P: Possibly a fourth or fifth starter if he worked at it. His DL history tells a tale also, one that might be overcome. After looking things over, it might take 2 or 3 more seasons for him to be a viable option at the ML level if at all.

William Takada, 2B: Ugly at 2B and probably never will be good, arm really not good enough for RF either. Has speed on the base paths which is the only thing he really has going for him as consistency at the plate doesn't look very good. 

 Benito Suarez, 1B: This one is simple, my scouts are in an alcohol stupor. He is actually highly over rated.

Chuck Stein, P: At 26, don't expect him to get much better. He could be a viable option as a setup option for a couple seasons.

Zack Forbes, SS: If he could actually play a decent SS I would be all over him but since he can't, pfffft.  Could play 3B or RF well enough. But his power is wasted on bad splits and so-so contact which could get better maybe.

Rich Moriarty< C: Ok, so Helena forgot is my opinion. Very poor catching abilities if you ask me, I didn't say superly poor though it is almost borderline.  What can you say, bad range, very poor glove, lousy arm and egads not even so-so PC, see what I mean. On the good side I think he can hit, that being said, 15 other clubs might be interested if they need a DH.

Trevor Barker, P: Oh my! Where to begin, buy mascot insurance first as his control might pick him off. On the bright side, his splits and pitches are pretty good. Probably because hitters are constantly diving out of the way when a pitch does accidently cross the plate.

Ted Harper, P: An examle of a good career minor league pitcher, best option is to keep him there.

R.J. Miranda, CF:  I will give him the ability to run to a ball, catching it is another story in CF, has the makings of a GG RF though. Has power, and a good right split, too bad it ends there.

Ronn Webster, LF: I will give him credit, he can play 1B.  Makes contact and has some pop but that right split is just so debilitating and he won't get any better.

Juan Chavez, P: A little more development and just maybe he could be worth a long look.

Well, that is the top 12 according to my scouts and my thoughts. I actually looked at about 70 players overall today and found absolutely zip that could help my team. Normally the first thing I do is look over the C and SS list then pitchers in the top 100. If I see something that helps then I will draft and it is very rare. 

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