Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Major Free Agent Singings At A Glance

Cesar Martin was signed by Baltimore in a 3 year deal for a decent amount of money. He declined a little which has been common of late with most position players, not sure why. Had some great seasons in Pittsburgh that could be better than expected. Can play a decent 3B but not even close to GG stature. Hits with some heavy power but strikes out a lot.

Clark Key was signed by Montreal in a 3 year deal that has me reeling a bit. What I would consider being in heavy decline already but still has the ability to be a top bull pen guy but for how long.

Jesus Martinez signed a 2 year deal with Atlanta. They like power and he has an abundance but his skills at catching isn't going to win any awards. Can start about 100 games and very handy as a DH. A somewhat of an improvement over Sticky Russell however.

Tony Baez signed a three year deal with Detroit.  Not the greatest glove for RF but does have a nice arm. A good fit for the club but which average will show up for them.

Ross Banks signed a 3 year deal with Boston. Carlos Hernandez must be really in the dog house.

Quentin Henry signed a 2 year deal with Chicago. My first thought was that Chicago let better pitchers hit the FA market, but after close inspection they were the short reliever types for the most part. So is he insurance against a broken "Willie"?

 Bart Ross signed a 2 year deal with Anaheim. This move caused quite a stir in the AL and Anaheim fans. Looks like a shake up as probably John Simms might be in the dog house. Who will be the DH and who will be catching is the pondering question. Especially on a team that has many other needs.

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