Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Final Ten


The Cubs have wrapped up the North and have a three game lead over the Braves for the #1 seed.

The Braves have the crown in hand and are making a passive attempt at the #1 seed.

The Marlins own the South once again though I am still pissed about their latest series, but not with the Marlins per se.

Arizona controls the West and needs a minimum of three games to sew things up. Although a tough schedule ahead, seven games is hard to make up.

The Pirates need a combination of 5 to make a Wild Card spot. With a relatively easy schedule should not be a problem.

The Reds need to win with only a two game lead over the Mets. It could be tough being on the road facing the Padres, Pirates and Cubs.

The Mets are hanging tough but the schedule is not in their favor at all.

Mexico City has an outside shot but it is a very long one.


The Blue Jays have taken control of the North but will it hold up? Five games is torturous to make up but the Tigs - Blue Jays series still looms large.

The Red Sox have taken the East crown once again and a 2 game lead over the Mariners for the #1 seed.

The South is under fruitful watch as things have tightened up considerably. Chances are good that both the Rangers and Rays are playoff bound but who will win the crown remains to be seen.

The Mariners have control of the West and another 2 wins will seal the deal. Colorado made a surprising run to make it look close.

Colorado has a Wild card spot with their name on it as 2 more wins will sew up a spot.

The Rays or Rangers will more than likely take the other spot. It would be tough for the Tigs to overcome the gap for a Wild Card spot. The O's are still in it but like Mexico City the chance is very remote.

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