Wednesday, February 5, 2014

International News

I may need to fire my scouting department since they seem to be on vacation yet, Well, maybe not after looking over the latest signings. Snow, rain, ice...power is a mess out.

Vic Lugo: Okay, so why is he worth $9.5M  again? Robert was lost in a one street town and looking at the wrong player?  I have doubts he could be a shut down closer or a premium setup guy.

Ivan Guardado: $7.4M signed while Bruce was stymied when he put his Stoli glasses on. Yup, he can play RF for sure and maybe a decent hitter , but will need many days off pulling those cactus sized splinters out of his ass.

Deivi Tejeda: The Dodgers spent $6M on the latest woman in disguise that came into view. maybe they were confused because of the unibrow.  So what if she can play first base and hits well against lefties, so can Dakar's sister.

Harry Cela:  A $5.4M psyche job by Robert leaves me wondering. This guy has a problem finding the plate with a map when he standing on it.

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