Thursday, March 20, 2014

Questionable Mistakes

Looking over the Mets season, I find that I could have fixed a few things if I had recognized them. I wasn't planning on having a great season.  It all started when I lost Ronn Penny to FA at the beginning of the season and Felipe Peralta the previous season. I determined it was time to rebuild as nothing in FA was even comparable to either. Though I made some correctable mistakes that may have cost me more than I thought. Making up more than 20 games wasn't possible however even with the changes. I might have won ten games or more, well maybe.

Fielding:  Darryl Palmer wasn't the fix at SS and neither was his hitting. Putting Osvaldo Reynoso at 3B was another mistake. A week left side, was Palmer's problems the result of that I wonder. I had Brutus Mora at 2B for much of the season and I expected better. He hit well while he was there. I moved him to 3B and his hitting went down hill, I had never noticed that happening before. Though it may have been due to being in the last 50 games. Marc Redman, I started in RF for much of the season. He isn't great at 2B but a far cry better than anyone else I needed in the lineup. I had Jimmie Valentin and Carlos DeSoto playing CF. Joey Cather was being used as a utility defense.

What I should have done was have Mora play 3B, DeSoto at SS, Redman at 2B, Reynoso in RF and Valentin in CF. with Palmer and Cater backing them up.

Hitting: Truthfully there wasn't anything I could have done differently except maybe the SB fiasco. Though that may have been on failed hit and run also. Ronny Gant looks like he had a decent season but really didn't hit till the end of the season and likewise with Leo Rodney.

Pitching: Not much to say here either. Harry Rodriguez became a problem child for no apparent reason.

I might have a few surprises for next year but we will see.

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