Monday, March 10, 2014


Harry Santana made a bonus of $22M as Texas opened their drawers. Should be a decent hitter and RF in Dallas.

Polin Castillo was bummed as he had to settle for $19.2M and had to get in Mal's drawers to get every last penny. Okay, so Penny shouldn't have been in Mal's drawers anyway. He is labeled as a SS, we don't agree with that assumption. 3B is definite and possibly 2B as my blind scouts are undecided. He can definitely hit and the Mets would love to have him.

Their may be another International post as there are a few being given large amounts of cash though undeserving.

The Mets have analyzed two of its favorite 'STARS and came up with a solution. Osvaldo Reynoso can't hit at Shea. Likewise, his cousin, Marc Redman  can't either.  On the road they are fine. Brutus Mora on the other hand, hits well in Shea but doesn't hit well on the road. You would think good eye, splits and contact would be a better barometer than high contact at home. Puzzled by allegory.

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