Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Second Round Action

 I may have seen the sweeps in the NL but didn't expect to see it in the AL. Two runs total from Memphis seemed a bit foggy. The ninth inning in game two unjustly sealed the political fate as we were ready for extra innings.

Baltimore vs Anaheim: The Halos corrupted their O's brethren during the regular season, 9-1. Most of the games were mired in stomping losses to boot. Can the O's overcome their fears and fly higher? I don't expect it.

Montreal vs Kansas City: The Royals stole the two seed on the last day of the season to get a bye. Did they get complacent with the off time? The regular season saw the Expos being ridiculed by the Royals 7-3, though there wasn't much royal stomping going on. If you ask me, either could forge their way into the next round. I can't decide either way. Both would give the Angels a run for the money.

Over in the NL, the Giants just didn't get enough to stop the Reds though they tried hard. Whlock was right, offensive production was hard to come by and the pitching just didn't help. Rah! Rah! Astros! We love ya baby!

Mexico City vs  Cincinnati: This could be a fun series though most of us wanted to see Reds vs Cubs in round two. The Reds have the advantage here if the regular season means anything. The Devils want to demonically avenge that four game sweep at home at the hands of the Reds. Your guess is a s good as mine on the outcome.

Chicago vs Houston: This match up could settle the Rookie debate once and for all if Gload gets to pitch and has a great outing. Astros didn't fare well against the Cubs in the regular season going 4-6. Advantage for Houston not having home field as strange as that sounds. I do expect the Cubs to win. Why? Pat Suzuki is back! Sorry, not much love for Houston in this one.

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