Monday, March 17, 2014

News of the Week

I didn't want to jinx anybody so I stayed silent during the playoff push. No one can blame me this time. Mal, I don't know what happened to the A's, they were better than the record indicated. That 13 game losing streak did the team in and weren't the same after.

Wasn't much to get excited about on the race this year in my opinion. The D'Backs made the NL West take notice for a few games as they made a push but the Giants quelled that from happening. D'Backs can't blame the Mets, as we were snake bite victims but the 1-run record didn't help. Speaking of 1-run records, check out the Pirates coming back like they said, 1-run at a time. It seemed the Reds would take the North, but went cold all of a sudden and the Cubs went lollygagging by. Mexico City winning a 100 games is a surprise, congrats. Disappointing season goes to the Padres, I think they were better than their record indicates. Most disappointed, the Cards for finishing seventh and the Marlins at eight. How they finished.

1. Mexico City Diablos Rojos - big unexpected surprise...poor Cards
2. Chicago Cubs - predicted for the playoffs
3. Philadelphia Phillies - predicted for the playoffs
4. San Francisco Giants - predicted for the playoffs
5. Cincinnati Reds - predicted for the playoffs
6. Houston Astros - predicted for the playoffs

The first round of the NL playoffs could be fun to watch. The three and four seeds are heavily under the gun and could easily fall which would make a hell of a playoff scenario if that happened.   I am ready for a 1 vs 5 and 2 vs 6 playoff match up. 

The AL was the reason I actually kept silent.  YIPPEE!!!!! Them luckless Washington D.C. Senators finally captured a playoff spot! It was touch and go at the end as I thought Toronto might sneak in but the last five games sealed their doom and the unenviable seventh seed.

1. Anaheim Angels - predicted for the playoffs
2. Montreal Expos - predicted for the playoffs
3. Kansas City Royals - predicted for the playoffs
4. Baltimore Orioles - predicted for the playoffs
5. Memphis Red Birds - predicted for the playoffs
6. Washington D.C. Senators - biggest surprise of the season

Seeds two and three could still change spots along with five and six maybe with one game to go.  Sorry Mal, I didn't think the Angels could fly that high. Will the halo get damaged in the second round? I have no input like the NL as the teams aren't exactly set in stone yet, though the Angels should meet either KC or Montreal in the final round. 

So who made out like a fat rat at the end of the International Market dealings?

Rio Garces signed with the A's for $7M. I wonder who they thought was bidding against them?  Garces might make it to the big leagues in the end.

Charles Irabu signed by Texas for $4M. Maybe I gave up on him too soon but I don't think he was good enough to fight over for much more.  A big league uniform doesn't exactly look promising as his hitting isn't great and 3B might be the best he could play.


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