Monday, March 17, 2014

Award Voting

Oh well, it is the end of the season and time to vote for the best players of the season. How fake are these guys? Maybe I am taking exception to the order they are in, I am not sure.


Polin Ordaz: Is he here because he had an above average season? 50 Stolen bases maybe? I don't buy it for one second.

Renyel Manuel:  Okay, I could vote for him though he is an underachiever if you ask me.

Robinson Montgomery: I like his .301 average and SBs. Good CF but Manuel plays a good 3B, tough choice.

Rick Ramsay: Plays a good 1B, good numbers but strikes out too much for my taste.

Yamid Ordaz: Has good numbers but just doesn't rate in my books as of yet.

So it boils down to Manuel and Montgomery, which is the better choice?


Terrence Beckett: Found a home in LA this year. Somewhat good numbers but is he playing for a big contract next year?

Deven Wilfredo: What a year this rookie had! Is he the guy in the Expo offense though?

Del Alvarez: Good numbers in the Average department but seems light elsewhere! I just have a hard time voting for a DH.

Paul Chiba: Had a relatively average season if you ask me.

Clark Parrish: I find it odd that he strikes out so much.

I am at a total loss here, I like the top two and can't decide.

NL Cy Young

Jacob Nixon: No problem here, he has the best numbers across the board.

AL Cy Young

Cedrick Swann: No offensive help in Vancouver to start the season and  was happy for the trade. His numbers even say he is the best.

AL Rookie

Deven Wilfredo: This one is easy.

NL Rookie

Aaron Gload: I won't deny he had a good season on a good team in a tough home park. 

Art Nixon: How does Mexico City get these odd players to play as well as they do? I wish he had more AB's

Jose Espinosa: Too bad his season was cut short a bit with an injury.

Steve Bradley: Just doesn't have the record to compete with the others.

Vic Gabriel: I expect good things in the future from this kid. Not bad for a utility guy.

This one is between Gload and Gabriel.....I am leaning toward Gabriel because Gload gave up too many dingers.

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