Friday, April 18, 2014

The NL

NL North

This division just got FUBARed!!!

I still pick Chicago if they stay healthy and only if. The reason is Mr Baseball, Pat Suzuki. I still like the Reds and Brewers to be in the hunt even if they fall. This goes back to the old days when the mighty threesome played each other to death. Notice I didn't mention the Pirates?

NL East

Atlanta declared themselves out of the picture already. That leaves the Phils, Marlins and Mets to pick up the brunt. The Mets aren't happy in the pitching department so that leaves the fight with the remaining two.  Someone flip a coin as it looks dead even between the two. I am siding with the Marlins just because.

NL South

This one is actually tougher than it seems. Mexico City looks great on paper but looks are deceiving most times but I give them the nod on pitching alone.

Houston has an offense but pitching may cost them in the pen.

I really like the Cards. All around good, just no pizazz if ya know what I mean.

Tampa Bay falls into the same graces as the Cards.

NL West

Truthfully the West is an odd bunch. Getting over .500 has been a struggle and I don't understand that at all. The Giants are good on paper, so is Arizona. The stadium actually favors Arizona if you ask me. Bruce struggles with a rather good team in San Diego and low and behold the Dodgers don't look as bad as the record indicates. What gives?

The Giants are the better team with Arizona a very close second, the Pads and Dodgers not very far behind. This could flip flop easily with a key player on his backside.

Here comes a list that could easily be wrong in the end.

1. Mexico City
2. Chicago
3. San Francisco
4. Florida
5. Cincinnati
6. Milwaukee

The heartbreak in Arizona on the last week of the season again. Houston crying foul or fowl, can't decide. Bruce being sober and paying the suddenly Happy Hooker instead. Atlanta, Pittsburgh and New York trying to stay out of the cellar?

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