Monday, August 15, 2011

13 Games To Go

The season is winding down and with a few games to go there is still some excitement left.

The NL hasn't changed all that much as the Florida Marlins still hold the #1 seed thanks to the Inglorious Bastard known as Ivan Johnson.

The Pittsburgh Pirates hold the #2 seed with a solid team led by hitting star Bernard Shelley and another solid season by the aged Ken Shumpert.

The Salem Super Sequoias could still make a run at the #2 seed as the Homer Duo of Greg Woods and Jim Griffin can scare the daylights out of any opposing pitcher, couple that with a pen that has a tendency to save games like no other.

The Philadelphia Phillies are just cantering along taking it easy with no real threat and not much to gain as the #seed
The Houston Astros are 8 back and the #5 seed, chances of moving up is rather unrealistic but are not giving up it seems.

The Milwaukee Brewers as the #6 seed had better stop pouring the lagers on their Corn Flakes as the Los Angeles Dodgers are gaining ground quickly and may turn it into a race.

As it stands now in the NL, the only change to last years playoff bracket could be the #6 seed. If the Duck Dodgers do sneak in as the #6 seed then it will be a complete repeat. Don't expect the same results however.

The AL on the other hand is completely out of control. The Seattle Mariners have the #1 seed and the best record of any team. Now to win in the playoffs which I think they will.

The Boston Red Sox are sitting pretty in the #2 seed but are keeping a stressful eye on the West.

The Las Vegas Slobs hold the teetering #3 seed. Helena Hot Pockets have fallen off the pace as the microwave blew a condensing coil and the pastry chefs are on strike. The streaking San Diego Padres have prayed their way into the picture. The Anaheim Angels were even making a showing but couldn't sustain the halogram after the power outage.

The Tampa Bay Rays are in the #4 seed slot and have a vicarious 5 game lead which should be enough to hang on.

The Toronto Blue Jays have the the #5 seed and like Boston are keeping a stressful eye on the tumultuous West.

The #6 seed will be the loser of the crown in the West which may not be decided until the last out is called.

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