Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little Rock looks aHEADS

F. Scott Fitzgerald once remarked to Ernest Hemingway that “The rich are different than you and I”.
Hemingway responded,”Yeah, they have more money.”
I thought of this exchange as I was scouting the next opponent in the Head’s improbable journey, The Seattle Mariners.
Now, I know that OAV is a broad measuring stick that implies a value that may or may not be attained, and sometimes is a bald face liar. I am sure that if this year’s real-life David Ortiz had an OAV, it might be around 68, and he’s a great hitter who has made a huge contribution to his team.
But still, OAV is a unit of measure which expresses a player’s potential value in shorthand. And it could be reasonably assumed that a roster that has better than the league average in OAV has a better chance of winning.
I should add about 27 caveats to the above, but for those of you still reading; you know what I mean.
Seattle has 15 players with an OAV at 74 or above.
Little Rock has 2.
The Mariners finished the season at 113-49; the Heads managed a record of 79-83.
That’s right: The Mariners lost thirty less games than the Heads won.
In short, this is the biggest mismatch in my life since I told my (then) 13 year old daughter that she was banned from the mall for a year.
 I have no chance.
But, I did notice something else about the Mariners.
In season 17, they also had a record of 79-83, the exact same record we have this season.
And then their kids started to arrive; just like ours will.
Now, not one player yet drafted by the Heads has reached the ML level, but they are coming.
The Mariner’s journey tells me that the Heads should not be fooled by our unlikely success this season; and that we should remain focused on our pipeline and player development, while still fighting to win every game.
Okay; decision made. We are not going to look in the mirror and see anything but our record, and the Mariner’s season 17; and their success this year.
So, we will trust the process.
But, man o man, are we enjoying the ride…………….

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