Friday, August 19, 2011

Last Game of the Season

It is time for the final out of the the regular season. All but one playoff spot has been wrapped up at this point.

To the AL where:

1. Seattle Mariners has the best record of Season 20. Odds on favorite to win it all this year.

2. Boston Red Sox wins the East.

3. San Diego Padres came from a big hole to at least share the division crown or win it outright with a final win but has taken the #3 seed with the head-to-head first tie breaker.

4. An all or nothing game tonight between the Tampa Bay Rays and Little Rock Heads will settle the South crown and the #4 seed.

5. Toronto Blue Jays has landed here even if they lose and Las Vegas wins due to the second tie breaker.

6. Las Vegas Slobs fell from the #3 to the #6 seed in the final three games, such disappointment.

To the NL:

1. Florida Marlins claims the top spot as expected.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates grabs the #2 spot and the bye.

3. Salem Super Sequoias slides there way in.

4. Philadelphia Phillies canters into the 4 slot.

5. Houston Astros though the Texans could be a better name for them homers into the the #5 spot.

6. Milwaukee Brewers slosh their way into the playoffs though we think a PEDS pipeline outage may have been the culprit to their near demise.

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