Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All Eyes On The Big Series!

Before we get to the Big Series, lets look at the preseason predictions.

AL North - It was pretty much a given that Seattle would be the team to beat. On paper they were the better team and they performed like it. I liked Toronto also and they didn't disappoint either until the playoffs.

AL East - Had this division pretty much pegged as Boston delivered on my promise.

AL South - This division was up for grabs pretty much the entire season as expected. My choice was Tampa Bay, it was theirs to lose and in the final days they did. Congrats to Little Rock for being the surprise darlings of the AL, sneaking past Toronto in the first round and playing their hearts out against Seattle.

AL West - Undeniably the toughest division to extract the best team at the beginning of the season and they all fought hard all season long. I liked Helena but they faded at the end, then Vegas came into the picture. Lo and behold, the Padres came from kinda way back to take it. The Slobs may have blown the division crown at the end but exacted revenge in the playoffs but just didn't have the mojo to overturn Seattle.

NL North - The biggest surprise here was the dismal showing of the Reds who will wind up picking first in the draft. The Pirates was the choice and they proved their point once again. The Brewers did hold on for sixth seed as expected and surprised Salem in the first round.

NL East - The Phillies were odds on favorite to win the division and finished a good furlong or two ahead of the pack.

NL South - The Marlins were the favorites although the Astros kept it relatively close all season. Mexico City was probably the surprise team of the NL making a run for a Wild Card spot that fell short.

NL West - The Super Trees was the favorite and there they were at the end but their uncharacteristic play-off run came to an abrupt end at the hands of the Brewers. The Dodgers came up short in their run to gain a play-off spot. A bow to the D'Backs as they had their best season in 11 years.

For the pundits, I was 6 for 6 in the NL and 3 for 6 in the AL.

Now for the big Series. I have looked over and not overlooked the rosters, stats and ball parks. It will not be a one-sided affair by a long shot. The only thing that stands out is the Inglorious Bastard who will be very at home in either park. It is my belief that Seattle has the best offensive capability. How many 2-1 or 3-1 games will we be able to endure? I think it will go 7 games and the winner will be the team that wins four of them. Oh wait, that is a poor prediction isn't it. This series could actually boil down to the best managerial skills. Okay we are talking about the SIM that does some very awkward things at times whether the manager has any input or not. So in reality do I pick the best pitcher over the best offense? By admission the best pitcher has had an underachieving season, can he redeem himself? Do I pick the team with the most experience? For some reason I like the offense so I will side with Seattle.

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