Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Heads Stop Making Sense.................

As season 20 began, the parsimonious Heads signed SS Lorenzo Rosado the cornerstone of our franchise, to our first long term contract.

He had the qualities we believe you build a team around: OBP and excellent defense in the middle of the field.

He was a slick fielding SS, and was leading the World in range factor, before he tore up his knee, early this season. He has not, and will not regain his range. Now, he’s a $4.6M platoon infielder; for the next four years.

As our front office was digesting this horrible news, we were hit with another bombshell. We chose Ray Winder field in Little Rock as our home park, because it was the most neutral park in the entire World. It was only after we had occupied this field for two years that we learned the horrible truth.

Ray Winder Field no longer exists. Once, one of the gems of the minor league circuit, the park is now gone. Some people wanted to turn it into a great community diamond for local teams, or an Asian elephant exhibit (I am NOT making this up); but in the end, Ray Winder Field was destroyed to make way for a parking lot.

When we further learned that the field that Jackie Robinson once graced was built by prison-labor (read that as slave labor)-, this made perfect sense to us…………..and explains to me why we really, really need fake fantasy.

Back to baseball. Before season 20, we sifted through the budgetary process like a reality TV hoarder, holding on to our dollars like grim death. And we doubled-down on our prospect dollars by over-paying for the best scouting money could buy.

We wuz robbed. Somewhere in fake heaven, Bernie Maddof is a scout.

What I don’t get about this game, is if I’m paying $18M for this scout or that scout, why is every kid they piss on in Tijuana, a “future superstar”? Shouldn’t the cover letter that accompanies their scouting report be in synch?

This is like someone sending you a JPEG of their privates, with the email header, “My Uncle John at a picnic”.

Anyway, our scouts didn’t deliver-and while we landed some talent; our ROI re: prospects, which were our number one mission, our prime reason for being; was really disappointing.

So, let me summarize so far:

-We committed to a long term-term contract to a player who can no longer tie his cleats.

-Our entire planning process was nullified by alcoholic scouts, who sold Enron stock at exactly the right time.

-Ray Winder Field was built by criminals and then criminally neglected.

In terms of new talent, we did add future closer Max Mercado. I don’t know about your park, but in Little Rock, +80 in control and GB/FB plays big time. Consider the strange case of local cult hero, Horacio Diaz;. His OAV may be 51, but with his control and GB/FB numbers, he has held opponents to a batting avg. of .205 in over 50 games. The dude really is a RH specialist. Screw this split crap. The best pitch in baseball is still “strike one”.

We also added Lloyd Bass and Harry Blanco so pitching help is coming to Little Rock; but maybe not soon enough……

I am not sure why any team pays big bucks for closers. Our current closer, Jerome Bourn has been excellent, saving 28/31 games. Now, I know that like every owner reading this has forgotten more than I know, but I can’t understand why big bucks are thrown at closers. We have no problem paying 360K for a 90% save percentage. And when he’s asks for big bucks, we have like 6 relievers on the farm that promise to be equally effective. We think.

Speaking of the farm, we were getting all excited, because Kendry Armas was leading Hia in runs created. We thought this was a big deal, what with his .332 avg, 40 SB, .966 OPS and 76 extra base hits. Kendry has an OAV of 79, and he could be in the majors next season, but he did not finish first in Runs Created, because someone named" target="_blank">Gene Burgess&lt did.

Please take a look at Mr. Burgess's ratings and tell me how this guy could hit 47 HR, and drive in 166 runs.

Every time we think we might unglue the sticky secrets of this game, out pops a Gene Burgess…….

So, it was not a great year. We are getting impatient. It might be time to raise payroll and push the kids.

And if you see Lorenzo Rosado, ask him for his autograph. No one has asked him for that in quite a while………………………….

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