Thursday, June 6, 2013

Clod Update

I came across something by accident that is rather interesting.  I was looking at Roger Metzger and I don't remember why but was looking at his fielding stats when I noticed he was playing CF. Nothing all that special except his fielding ratings are nearly identical to Felipe Peralta.  I immediately noticed a difference in fielding stats for the season, stuck out like a sore thumb. I probably wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't such a big difference.

So I started looking as to where they played, I thought maybe the stadium was to blame. Then I noticed Metzger's fielding stats rose, peaked then slid. Then I looked at Peralta's escapades at fielding and suddenly I had an idea as I saw the same thing.

Look at Fielding Instructors, lo and behold I started seeing a pattern forming.  Discipline and Strategy seems to play a role in fielding. Not sure how the strategy portion comes into play as there is no mention of that anywhere, though putting on a shift is a common stratagem and moving players for certain hitters. Did notice that whenever discipline changed to under 50 the players fielding got worse and  better when it improved and the same can be said about strategy.

Since the Fielding Instructor has a poor Discipline rating in Chicago, could that be the cause of the Clod problem? Factors seem to point that way. Also the brianj 3B problem in the sister world.

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