Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Championship Feeling

Four sweeps, hard to fathom that one. You could sim those games a 1000 times over and maybe get four sweeps once and not by the same teams. You might have a better chance hitting the lottery than see that happen again.

Mets vs Cubs: Cubs get to face another foe that was 5-5 against them during the regular season. Mets won 4 of 6 at Wrigley, where the Cubs only lost 24 the entire season, might be the only visiting team to have a winning record there. Brown vs Rodriguez to start the series off? Maybe... Pitching isn't lopsided just odd in a way and favors the Mets, defense is even while hitting is heavily in the Cubs favor.  I don't think this one will be a sweep but I don't favor my Mets in an upset either. Cubs in 6 at the outside.

Sky Sox vs TardTankos: The AL doesn't cease to amaze me as two wild cards vie for the prize.  I gave Texas an even chance to get here but not so much for the Sky Sox. Season series goes to Texas with a 6-4 record, Sox were swept at home by Texas which could weigh heavily on their minds. Pitching is pretty even, defense is even while hitting favors the Sky Sox. Expect a good series with lots of offense, should be anyway. Have to favor the Sky Sox because of their hitting and win it in 6. 

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