Friday, June 14, 2013

Player Awards Show

Is it me or is there something wrong with the picture I'm seeing for the awards show?

Granted Pat Suzuki should be the NL MVP hands down but I am wondering how Polin Ordaz is even in the list. No offense Pratt and M City but how does a player that doesn't qualify at a position even rate a look?

AL MVP is much tougher, Del Alvarez has the numbers but I am more inclined to go with Shayne Marte because he isn't a DH. At least I can see why Tomas Ramirez is on the list though I am not sure it is overly justified.

Ruben Fernandez should be the #1 choice for the AL Cy Young because of his numbers but then again I like Alex Ramirez because of where he plays. Home park advantage shouldn't always be advantageous.

NL Cy Young is real easy, No Ivan and Reagan Mathews with a return to his actual form.

Paul Zhang will probably win the AL Rookie award but Victor Pose may win a Cy Young one day.

In the NL, a Houston player will win Rookie honors and Rick Ramsay is the leading candidate.

NL Gold Glove at 1B has me a bit puzzled also. Tyreace French gets the hardware but I can't figure out how. French has 5 errors and 18 plus plays while Leo Rodney only had 2 errors and 18 plus plays, Rick Ramsay had 2 errors and 17 plus plays and both had a better RF and fielding percentage.  Alvin Coleman winning the award at SS is almost another puzzler as how he got enough innings to qualify starting only 56 games.

Harvey Hatcher an AL GG catcher, someone give me a break, there were several better. I am also a little perturbed about 1B in the AL. Maybe I can see Philip Koch over Rob Key barely but not Peter Knight. Little Rock got mugged on that one I think.

Speaking of oddities I ran across  Peter Brock while doing some research. Amazing, .232 average and an under .300 OBP but yet scores 100 runs, 88 RBI's with 33 dingers and kept his strike out total under 100. What is so strange about that? He had 140 hits and 40 walks, throw in HBP and reaching on an error, he may have been on base 200 times.  That means he scored 50% of the time or better.

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