Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Tilted 20

Yup Sports Fans, that is right twenty games to go.


1. Cubs are running away with the #1 seed. Magic number is 4, too late to cue the goat.
2. Just like last year, Mexico City plays the waiting game then strikes with their dastardly tail or horns or trident...whichever....maybe looks... Was it too soon this year? Marlins are swimming with sharks...oh my! Ivan to the rescue? Only a three game lead for the Diablos and neither have breathable schedule but looks better for the Diablos.
3. Mets magic number is 6 and they play like a winner sometimes.
4. Diamondbacks today, Dodgers tomorrow maybe or the Giants next week. All three look good when they feel like it. Will history repeat itself again and the D'Backs disappear? Do the Giants look bigger than they really are? Will the Dodgers dodge? As per the schedule, the Dodgers have the toughest and the Giants have the easiest. The Padres could cause a spoiler alert but most of their games are at home where they eat salad, fruit and scrambled eggs (mostly rotten).

Wild Cards
This was easy a week or so ago. The Marlins demise, the Pittsburgh schedule and the Reds finally playing ball have this up in the air a bit all of a sudden. Trust me with these three teams, the road to the playoffs are not going to be easy for any of them. The Astros are not out of it but their schedule says it will be too difficult and would need a miracle.


1. The Angels are in the #1  spot at the moment though they had a quasi scare recently from the Sky Sox. The battle is still up in the air..pun intended. Angels have the much easier schedule.
2. The Royals are in the #2 spot but may have to learn the Paso Doble and Two-Step to keep the Tardtankos at bay and stay ahead of the Red Sox. Royals actually have a rather easy schedule.
3. The Red Sox scoop up this slot whose magic number is 8. Moving up a spot doesn't look conducive.
4. The Expos have been up by 10 most of the season. Will they need a lion tamer before it is over? 

Wild Card
The Sky Sox will probably get a one of the wild card spots if they can't win the division. Texas probably takes the second wild card.  Tampa Bay could put a kink in things as they have a rather nice home schedule to finish the season where they are adept at winning. Seattle also has the same setup but would need a huge miracle to get into the thick of things.

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