Friday, June 14, 2013


Mets vs Reds: Mets were terrible at the end without Ronny Gant. They have to play round 1 without him also which puts them in a big hole. Home field could help but don't expect them to get to round 2. Cincy won the wild card as predicted at the beginning though with much trepidation as they narrowly squeezed past the Pirates. They are on cloud 9 and that could be bad. Mets own the season series 6-4 but this is a different story. Here it is, Reds sweep, hope not but that is how I see it.

D'Backs vs Marlins:  Arizona made it into the playoffs with a tough fight in the West. A 3-7 season series against the Marlins isn't a good omen either. This series looks like a David and Goliath and it will probably end the same way. Marlins in 4.

Expos vs Sky Sox: The Expos may have been hoping for a different foe for the first round but then again they may be just happy to be in the playoffs. This has Sky Sox sweep written all over it as Montreal didn't farewell in the regular season going 2-8. Sky Sox in 3.

Red Sox vs TardTankos: This series could be a tough one to call. Everyone thought I was joking that Texas would be in the playoffs, yet here are the Tank o' Tards. The season series goes to the Sox 6-4. If there was going to be an upset this is the one. I am going with an upset special, Texas in 5.

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