Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Race Is On

35 games to go, that means we are half way past All-Star break and a few games away from roster expansion.

NL North

Cubs had an 11 game win streak and they finally gained a game over the Pirates in the standings who had a 10 game win streak of their own. Cubs only have a 9 game lead and it actually looks huge but not insurmountable. Both have rather similar schedules coming up though the Pirates have 7 games with the Mets. Speaking of which, the Pirates and Mets have the same affliction called Arizona. Cubs should wrap up the division and the #1 seed though. Meanwhile the Reds are only 6 games behind the Pirates and only 5 behind the 6th wild card spot. The Reds just need to find sustained traction.

NL East

The Mets have bolted to a 12 game lead over the Braves and the largest lead of any division leader. 12 is going to be tough when the best players are tired. For those that want to know, since the catching change the Mets are 14-7, the caught stealing percent is way up and respectable now. The DP's are improving also. The Mets are in a fight with the Marlins for the #2 seed where only 1 game separate them.

NL South

The Marlins are still on top but are having to hold off the the Diablos once again. Could last year repeat itself once again? Both teams are hating the Mets right now as the Marlins just lost 2 of 3 and the Diablos could be swept by us. Don't look now but the Astros don't want to be left out of the equation, who are in striking distance of both or a possible wild card.

NL West

Dodgers lead the division by 1 game over the Giants and D'Backs.  It looks to be a fight to the very end the way this division is playing out. All three are also in the wild card hunt but winning the division outright should be their priority.

AL North

The Expos have swooned to a 10 game which looks rather comfortable at the moment.

Al East

The Red Sox have been agonizingly slow but starting to put distance on the pack with an 8 game lead.  The O's are still trying their damndest to stay afloat and are only 5 back in the wild card race.

AL South

The Royals have parlayed themselves into an 8 game lead over the Tardtankos while the Rays have fallen off the pace. The Tardtankos have fallen on hard times of late but still hold the 6th wild card spot.

AL West

The Sky Sox have finally caught up and passed the Angels, for how long we don't know. The Mariners have given up trying to keep up and are fighting for the final wild card spot with the Rays, O's and Twins in tow.

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