Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Finality of It All

Yup, we have come down to the final 10 games of the season. It has been a mind blowing season if you ask me. Cubs and Royals are the only teams that could win 100 games and that could be just barely. That could be a record if no playoff team wins 100 games, too lazy to look it for sure.


The AL wrapped up its season 10 games ago which is a first in a very long time. All we are waiting on is the final seedings and that could become a bit problematic..

1. Kansas City
2. Baltimore, Boston, Anaheim or Colorado all have a shot
3. See above
4. Detroit, the surprising Wonderkind of the North
5. The best loser of 2 and 3
6. The loser of losers from 2 and 3...well, SNAP, it could be a tie all the way around wouldn't that make it perplexing?


The NL is showing a lot more Drama fro the final 10 games.

1. Chicago has a three game lead
2. Atlanta and Mexico City still looking for the break
3. Loser of 2
4. Giants are penciled in even though they didn't believe me.
5. St. Louis were better than I thought
6. A kinky three way has turned into a foursome, golf anybody?

Tampa Bay, New York, Los Angeles, and Cincy try to make the final push

Rays have Chicago and Mexico City on tap, that ain't good
Mets have Arizona, Philly and Atlanta, not exactly easy
Dodgers have Milwaukee, Frisco and Arizona, that ain't cake either
Reds have San Diego, Pittsburgh and Chicago, may look easier but...

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