Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Twisted Twenty

The Last 20 games are on tap for those who are faint of heart. But first...

Desi Guerrero should hit .250 or better easily. Stolen bases should be a bit better also. Strikes out more than he should also. He has better ratings than Omar Ordonez and Miguel Otanez and they were very admiral at the plate. Could be playing hurt or his age as I don't see it being coaching this time around.

As promised things have calmed a bit in the NL. Big fight for the #1 seed however as the Cubs, Diablos and Braves are fighting for position.

The Giants have advanced to a 5 game lead out in the West over the Dodgers with the D'Backs still in hot pursuit.

The Cards are still in striking distance of the Diablos and holding onto the first Wild Card slot also.

The Rays, Mets and Dodgers all have their eyes on the last Wild Card spot. The D'backs and Reds remain hopeful.

The Dodgers and Reds have the easiest schedules, The Rays have the most horrendous schedule while the Mets have 7 with the D"Backs and 3 with the Rays which overjoys no one but the fans.

Unless something drastic happens in the AL, The Tigers, Orioles, Royals, Angels, Sky Sox and Red Sox look primed to be the playoff teams. Oakland and Dover can still put a monkey wrench in things but their schedules just don't look that great for making up many games.

As for the Mets, I have no clue except one. I have no fix for this one so don't ask. Not often you see one of the best pitching and hitting teams not make the playoffs in the NL. On the surface we have one of the worst defenses, error wise anyway. The stolen base issue from last season was resolved and our plus/minus is one of the best. The only problem I can see is the immaculate 1-run record, 11-23 is a laughing matter that makes me want to

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