Friday, September 13, 2013

The Iniquitous Trey

It has come down to the final series of the season. There is a lot riding on these games for a few teams.


Baltimore is at home hosting Boston, on the line is the division crown. Can Boston make it 13 straight? Loser gets a Wild Card with the 5th seed. Just think, Boston won 12 in a row and barely made up any ground at one point.

Anaheim is on the road at Colorado Springs, on the line is a possible 2 seed. The Sky Sox reportedly are in bed with the flu but already possess the 6th seed.

Kansas City is on the road at Memphis, on the line is a 100 win season. Okay, who really cares.


Chicago wins 15 out of last 17 to hit the 100 win mark. THHHHHUUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!

Atlanta hosts New York in a big series, on the line is the 6th seed for the Mets, 2nd seed for the Braves. Mets need a win coupled with a loss by the Rays and Dodgers at a minimum. Braves need to stay ahead of the Diablos.

Diablos vs Cards just because it is good baseball. Actually Mexico City could make a play for the 2nd seed but would need a sweep by the Mets plus sweep the Cards. That is a real tough scenario. Mexico City would hold the 2nd tie breaker if it comes down to a tie however.

Tampa Bay is on the road at Houston, on the line is a shot at the 6th seed. Tie or pass the Mets coupled with a Los Angeles loss.

Los Angeles is at home hosting Arizona, on the line is the 6th seed. Tie or pass the Mets and stay tied or pass Tampa Bay as they hold all the tie breakers.

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