Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Season 28 Dirty Thirty

That is right sport fans, down to 30 games to go. I will tell you what!, it has been an unusual season in the NL.

The Cubs, Braves and Diablos may have pulled far enough away from their division rivals to finally think about claiming their respective division titles. Believe it or not there is a huge uproar over who will claim the final division title out West. Then there is the race for the two wild card spots, the Pirates are the only team not in the hunt. I have never seen 15 of the 16 teams eligible for the playoffs this late in the season.  The next 10 games should shorten the list however, good or bad.

The AL is a lot different as things are a lot quieter. Detroit is one of the biggest surprises of the season. After last years mediocrity season, they were sort of written off. All eyes were on Toronto but they haven't been able to put things together.

The AL East sees someone other than Boston in first place. This one has been a fun division to watch. The Dung might be running out of Beetles though. The O's and Red Sox may battle down to the wire and it is possible both might be playoff bound besides.

Kansas City is the only shoo-in team and they actually claimed the division title at All-Star break. Their goal is to be the #1 seed which is up in the air still.

The West has been a menage a' trois all season long. All three hold the keys as to how the AL will turn out in the end.

Other than Kansas City and probably Detroit, I can say that as 10 more wins would make the rest of the North go 21-9 to just catch up which is feasible but unlikely, only 5 other teams are in position to make a playoff run. Add in an outside chance for Dover and even slimmer hopes for Toronto, Montreal and Minnesota doesn't make for a big race like the NL.

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