Thursday, September 26, 2013

Award Voting

Wow, I am surprised at the turnout for award voting this season. Since Rodney was listed as the #1 choice, we know that at least 27 owners or more cast their ballots. Suzuki was a good choice though I still think Bennet had a better MVP season in the NL. I was surprised Santana won the AL MVP also. I guess Posey and his .327 average didn't wow the masses.

Somewhat surprised that Gibbons won the NL Cy Young by such a wide margin. Meanwhile Payton did squeeze out the AL Cy Young. Thurman and his final bout with the DL might have cost him the AL ROY but the Cy Young is in his sights next year. Congrats to Shannon as he was the closer with the mostest and deserved the AL ROY. Coghlan was pretty much a shoo-in for ROY in the NL.

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