Friday, February 21, 2014

The Mistake Called A Diamond

It is that time of year when owners lick the chops hoping for a miracle. Did that miracle happen? I don't think so but we can have a few laughs.

The Mets got five diamonds in the rough. I think they all fell into a sand trap myself. What can ya say though, I got two potential GG 2B/CF, too bad neither one can hit off a tee. Two pitchers that will be around for a while, they will look awesome at AAA one day.

I got a big laugh from Ricardo Henriquez and Jose Moraga! All that power and wonderful eyes that make the girls melt even. Why can't they hit the ball again?  Oh yeah, they are melting the girls and it causes hospital type dick swelling for no apparent reason.

Eugene Swann has possible big league aspirations as a backup catcher at least. The joke, check out his diamond presence then his speed, rough going missing his big toes.

Wally Lasker was another that struck me as possible at first. Hmmm, could be a decent hitter, listed as a catcher, okay, so he stands behind the plate and the pitcher throws at his head and ducks. He could be a DH, well for part of the season as he needs to pull lots of splinters out of his ass.

Pitching wise I thought Pinky Torres might contribute. Okay, I know...Pinky...Someone was having a Happy Days moment. Unfortunately, his control will make someone sick in the end I think, especially his girlfriend, Kitten Meow.

Jhoulys Morales makes Little Rock look like a genius. He could actually be the real deal even though every one calls him Orange.

Neifi Julio is called the one out wonderkin by the way.

The worst of the lot....

Derek Hunter, sorry but no one realized that he is blind in one eye and can't see out of the other.

Armando Molina bounces the ball across the plate for a reason and all his pitches actually look like a palm ball. Hasn't anybody bothered to check his fingers? All one of them.

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